Helios Electronics archive

Sample of the Helios collection left by Dick Swettenham

When Dick Swettenham died in 2000, as his executor I was entrusted with a large collection of documents relating both to his Helios Electronics company and his personal interests that needed sorting and cataloguing and it's only recently that I've had the time to do this.

I have started to build up an historical archive of information relating to the work Dick and the Helios company did - see the navigation bar above.

From the work I've done so far, I'm starting to make connections - hopefully without too many assumptions - between consoles, studios and people. But there are gaps, quite big ones in some places. The first job number I have is for Jack Leahy's Russian Hill Recording, San Francisco, and that is 1072 and the first date I have is for The Who's Ramport Studio and the first with both date and job number is The Manor, Oxfordshire in 1975 (job number 1140). I'm guessing that job numbers started at 1000 and also assuming that some jobs were quite small. So if anybody has any ‘boring’ paperwork or console files that they can let me have copies of so that I can fill in the gaps, I would be very grateful.

If you want to contact me, for the time being please use the form on the Helios Professional Audio website.

Crispin Horsfield, Bristol, February 2021